The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar features oodles upon oodles of souvenir stalls selling everything from Thai silk scarves to those ubiquitous wooden frog guiro toys.  Perhaps the most satisfying shopping can be found on the 3rd floor of the market.  Here, merchants sell an artsy mixture of authentic Thai religious iconography amidst designer lighting fixtures and modern furniture.

We like to think of ourselves as morning people.  Up before 8:00 AM is the norm for us in Southern California, particularly when you tend to an always-hungry cat like we do!  But when traveling in East Java, 8:00 AM simply won’t cut it.  If you are trying to catch the sunrise over Mount Bromo, or have a two-hour hike ahead of you to get to the very edge of a volcanic crater, you’d better set your alarm for much earlier, say perhaps 3:30 AM!

"OMG!" as we would later teach our sexagenarian guide Herman!